Core Values

Building positive foundations for student athletes and professionals!
Building positive foundations for student athletes and professionals!

• Personal leadership is your birthright.

• All your potential is already inside you waiting to be unleashed. You alone have the key to unlock your potential.

• The best way to predict the future is to create it, not from the familiar past or the predictable future [based on our memories and feelings], but from a vision of the future based on the unknown. Define your life from a vision of the future not the past.

• Our actions are a manifestation of beliefs.

• We don’t see with our eyes, we see based on our beliefs and conditioning.

• We act not in accordance with the real but the real as we perceive it to be.

• There is no future in the past. The past is valuable only in so far as it illuminates the future.

• Attention energizes, intention transforms*, visualization crystallizes. (*credit to deepak chopra).

• Make it a habit to breathe long, slow, and deep throughout the day to energize yourself, reduce stress, minimize mental noise, and achieve peak performance.

• What you think about you bring about; what you visualize you materialize.

• Your attitude determines your altitude. Lean toward the outcome you want. Maintain a positive mindset about the end result you seek and always give your best effort regardless of how hard it is to get there or the circumstances.

• Establish your own board of directors who care deeply about your future and want to help you get there. Listen to those who can help you get to your goals. Negative input from others is of no value. Build a positive, supportive board of directors.