ELEVATE is an evidentiary based program, designed and engineered with the leading edge tenants of human performance as researched by the top cognitive scientists, behavioral psychologists, and interpersonal neurobiologists in the world and encompasses millennium old truths and 155+ years of coaching experience.

"As anyone who has competed in sports knows, the difference between winning and losing is often razor thin. Therefore, a true competitor constantly seeks knowledge. The Elevate Program taught by Frank Garza instills knowledge not found in other sports training programs. Garza focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of competition preparation. He identifies the pitfalls that plague many athletes such as remembering past failures and limitations. He teaches how to ignore the past and to be present and ready to achieve. The importance of gratitude and the importance of breathing are also pillars of the program. His teaching methods are concise, and they invite student participation."

Sam Reddick, 40-year English Teacher
Mark Twain Middle School
Fairfax County Public Schools

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