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Our Story

Since the beginning, most if not all sports and professional development programs have exclusively focused on the outer-skills of a person. That is, if you can become stronger, faster, quicker, smarter; lift more weights, add more exercise and practice, watch more film, study more, while eating better, drinking more protein shakes, and more water, you will improve.
It has been this way from the beginning because it works; you will get better with repetition.

The problem occurs, however, when you are required to give your best to perform whether in games, practice, contests, or meetings. When your best is required, outside pressures, circumstances, expectations, and consequences for failure take hold, competition enters, and time is counted. Outer-skill development does not prepare you for these pressures, expectations, and unique circumstances.

It doesn’t matter how much you bench press, squat, or how high you jump, as these outer-skills are of no help with this part of your development as it attacks your ‘inner’ condition not your ‘outer’ condition. When you desire to perform better, more consistently, or wish to break through to new peak performances, it becomes a matter of your inner-skill conditioning and development.

Based on all the advancements in medicine, neuroscience, human performance, and development, it is now a scientific fact, an axiom, that you are only going to perform in a manner that is consistent with your most frequent thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Meaning, that regardless of the outside development, you can only achieve on the outside what you have prepared yourself to achieve on the inside.

ELEVATE has been created for you to provide the inner-skills and tools necessary to defeat outside conditions and to manage your own expectations, habits, beliefs, and attitudes. ELEVATE Inner-Skills Technology™ programs will show you how to align both the ‘outer ‘and ‘inner’ conditioning and development, so that you can consistently reach optimal performance.

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We are a team of passionate individuals that collaborate to achieve inner skill development in every student and client interaction.
Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.


Cody Williams

Executive Director


Frank Garza

CEO & Co-Founder


Ganesh Khalsa

Co-Founder & Chair

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